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“I have enjoyed facials here for years. I love how the product smells and I feel I look better now then I did in my 40’s” TS (53yrs old)

Our professionally trained aestheticians are
here to recommend the facial treatments and products best suited for you to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin. We are proud of our wide range of treatments that achieve solutions to issues such as acne, anti-ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, and rosacea.

- Sothys Research and Development laboratory (SOREDEC) is one of only a few facilities in the world to be directly involved with studies into new ingredients and creates innovative formulas trialed through its dermatological testing clinic. The research team works with the scientific team in the Green Science unit at Limoges University focused on the discovery of new botanical extracts.

-A luxurious Organic range made in Australia that is truly the natural alternative, combines medicinal levels of certified organic plant extracts, with 100% natural ingredients. This affordable salon brand insists on fair trade wherever possible and excludes many ingredients that have set them ahead in the worlds current certification standards. Medicinal grade ingredients, therapeutic Herbal and Plant extracts, cosmeceutical levels of vitamins, and soothing essential oils.

David Deans
- Family owned Australian hand-made products. Perfect blend of intensive natural ingredients with cosmeceutical long lasting results. Delivers exceptional results in our punishing Australian climate.

La Clinica
- LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY is a 100% Australian owned cosmeceutical skin care line. It focuses on visible results, efficacy, safety, purity and certified organic ingredients. Its luxurious, high performance products cater to all the different skin types and conditions, for everyone at any age. Products include paramedical clinic skin peels. LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY … Beautiful skin starts here

- These deep infusion masks are infused with the derma lift machine to help the ingredients replenish, plump and hydrate the skin.

Oxygen Facial- Using pure oxygen and a unique rejuvenation serum to stimulate skin rejuvenation. Helps to hydrate, brighten, plump fine lines and minimise rosacea and scarring.
Facial of the movie stars.

Sothys Specialty Facial

Sothys Seasonal Facial
SOTHYS releases new seasonal facials using a complex of seasonal fruit to treat the different problems each season brings to our skins.
Perfect V-Shape Neck Treatment
Sothys new Perfect V-Shape treatment, with M3.0 peptides offers dermo-lifting and dermo-refining of the neck and jowls. M3.0 peptides boost collagen synthesis to support a long-lasting dermal structure. The treatment provides an immediate and long lasting firming and slimming result on the jawline and neck and is suitable for all skin types showing signs of a slackened jawline, double chin or “turkey neck”. For best results try a series of 5 treatments delivered every 2 weeks while using the Perfect Shape neck serum at home.
Energising Facial
This energising treatment boosts the skin’s vitality at cellular level, restoring luminescence. This dynamic treatment contains Siberian Ginseng as the key active ingredient, supported by other synergistic ingredients and utilises facial reflexology to increase the flow of energy to the skin, resulting in improved radiance and vitality.
Hydra 3 Facial
Treats the skin on 3 levels with deep hydration, leaving the skin plump and silky soft to touch.
Pro Youth Facial
The ultimate relaxation for visibly younger skin with clinical tests showing up to 6 years off the age of the skin following the recommended three treatment course. At the heart of the Youth program is the patented ßP3 TRI COMPLEXTM an innovative complex combining Saffron + Sophora + Peptides to protect against oxidative stress and the visible appearance of chronological ageing skin (wrinkles, slackening tissue and irregular pigmentation zones).

OrganicSpa Specialty Facials

Jade Stone Facial
Jade Stones have been used to promote youthful skin since the 12th Century through lymphatic drainage. The natural energy from the stone with the coolness of the jade closes pores, promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, wrinkles and more.
Age Vita-renewal
An ultimate treatment that combines high concentration of Vitamin C and E that provides powerful antioxidants to enable the skin tissue to strengthen and repair. Infused with Green Tea Powder, the treatment will give the skin radiance and aid in slowing down the ageing process.
Bio- Hydra Mask
A hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration.
Lactic + Enzyme Peel
The lactic+ enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders, to deliver a powerful active boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel.
Multi-detox Clay Treatment
The high potency multi-clay mask with kaolin and bentonite is formulated to promote cell renewal, detoxify and calm all skin types.

David Deans Specialty Facial

Clear and Brightening Facial
Brighten and lighten your skin tone with this creamy AHA mask that will rejuvenate and give your skin a healthy glow. Reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, minimise pigmentation and lighten age spots. It will aid in the healing of breakouts, clear congestion and boost hydration levels within your skin giving you more vibrant, younger looking skin.

La Clinica Specialty Facial

Firming Lift Peptide Caviar & Pearl Treatment A restorative, repair treatment that helps to strenghthen, protect, firm, tone and condition skin. Leaves skin looking instantly relaxed, softer, clarified and rehydrated. With Palmitoyl Tri Peptide 38 and Acetyl tetra Peptide 9, caviar complex, pear extract, collagen, elastin, pea extract. Enhanced with Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Ylan Ylang, Sandal Wood and Frankincense essential oils.

Heliabrine Specialty Facial

Aromatherapy Marine Algae Facial
Uses customised pure essential oils and plant extracts under a Marine algae mask to increase the health, hydration and revitalise the skin.