Lightfusion next generation light therapy LED

clinically proven device rests directly on the skin maximising benefits due to less diffraction of light and requires less time.

This photo facial is uses no heat and can be used on any area including the décolletage, hands and lips. Unlike other devices it does not cover the eyes, therefore feeling more comfortable. Lightfusion LED energy creates a cascading effect (photobiomodulation) treating areas that are not directly covered.

You can have softer, smoother, firmer skin from the added Hydrogel marine and probiotic mask that was specially designed to trap the light and help it to absorb into the skin. Delivering powerful anti-ageing effects from the increased collagen production, hydration, oxygenation and cellular metabolism in a shorter time frame.

Notice the considerable lift on the eyelids and softening of the frown line.
light therapy
All Lightfusion facials come with a take home moisturiser to continue the results of your treatment.

Stimulate Collagen
Boost firming Elastin
Fight lines and wrinkles
Repair and Hydrate

Lightfusion Rejuvenation Collagen Facial
55mins $160
Includes deep yet gentle skin peel and hand exfoliation,
Relaxation Massage for the face, décolletage, hands & arms,
plus your take home energising and hydrating cream.

LED Red Carpet Treatment
appointment time 30mins $89
includes hand massage and take home moisturiser.

LED Facial with massage
45mins $119

Transformation Series
3x 30min red carpet $240

Add on to any other intensive facial treatment $70
Second area such as chest or hands for only $50
Fantastic Packages
Microhydrabrasion (deep cleanse face and chest) + LED Only $135
Skin peels +LED Only $150
Dermalift30 + LED Only $170

The Science

The light helps the cells to work more efficiently through the Cytochrome C Pathway; the
cells respire more efficiently, releasing the nitrous oxide that blocks the respiratory process
and allowing the cells to bind to oxygen. When cells work efficiently the circulation speeds
up and skincare products are enhanced.

The sleep recovery cream enhances the secondary reaction of phototherapy ensuring even
better results the day after treatments.

Objective mechanical tests clearly show
improvements in surface roughness (wrinkles)
one week after a four-week course of
  • Shows a significant reduction in wrinkles and smoothing of the skin
  • Immediate improvement in elasticity and hydration which continues through the course of four treatments
  • Subjective analysis supports objective results with 90% of clients being very satisfied with the treatment
  • No reported adverse events were reported
  • Increases the effects of other treatments

Collagen Facial
Light therapy