LED light treatment

Winter Solstice is here. Winter blues? SAD syndrome(seasonal affective disorder from low light)?
This device produces similar effects to natural light, triggering chemicals in your brain that help regulate your mood.

👍$135 LED Treatment with hand or chest LED treatment including hand exfoliant & massage.

🌞With the added benefit of collagen boosting, fantastic at treating lines, redness and pigmentation.

☃️WINTER RETREAT- to get you through the cold months.
6 LED 30min facial treatments for only $450*
*(Must be used at least fortnightly. LED treatments should have a minimum of 5 days between sessions.)

Perfect v-shape Facial

Skin liftingSkin Tightening Facial

Relax with a Perfect Shape Facial $145
Plus a FREE travel detox resurfacing night cream
while stocks last.

M3.O peptides boost collagen to support lifting and refining of the neck and jowls.
For long-lasting results for the neck and double chin we recommend 5 half hour fortnightly treatments at $80 each.
Clinical Resuts

microblading v's feather touch

Microblading v's Feather touch

You have probably heard about microblading eyebrows by now so here is some clarification. Microblading is excellent for a natural looking brow to help fill in gaps in the brow. It is a much finer hair stroke than feather touch with a cosmetic tattoo gun. Traditionally cosmetic tattoos give a solid to ombre effect on the brows. This is perfect for people who like to wear more make-up.

Microblading Eyebrows

If you have any questions, I'd love to help. Just give us a call for a free consultation. Shiralee
Artist profile and FAQ

All methods use the same colours and are considered cosmetic tattooing however microblading or feather touch refers to the intensity of the colour. Generally solid and intense colours have a longer lasting look. Microblading is therefore better if you are preferring a soft natural look that lasts under 2yrs. Feather touch is similar but will usually last 1-3yrs. Cosmetic tattoo can last uptown 5yrs. This can very depending on your medical history and how the are is treated such as the use of AHA's.
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Dr Kate Eisenberg

Next Generation LED

LED treatment

Lighten and Brighten with Lightfusion

Scientifically proven to reduce lines by improving collagen fibres, elastin production and improve texture.

Traditional LED treatments could only treat with either red or white light but light fusion uses both. Other machines hover over the skin causing much of the light to disperse meaning you require a longer treatment.
Some machines also do not use the proven 633mm (red) or 830 (near infrared white). Lightfusion combines the red collagen producing light with the white anti-inflammatory strengthening lights. This is a great treatment to reduce pain, swelling and bruising after cosmetic fillers or mild surgery. The only contraindications are medications or conditions that make you light sensitive. Generally the treatment can be done though if you have a 5 day break either side of the treatment.

Energise your cells today.